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CIT, otherwise referred to as micro needing, Derma Rolling or medical skin needing is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. During a SkinCAN CIT treatment a medical grade device with fine needles is moved over the skin, creating tiny, evenly spread punctures. This process stimulates the body’s ‘wound healing response’ and encourages the body’s own natural collagen and elastin production, leading to thicken and plumped skin.

The device used in the SkinCAN CIT treatment has fine titanium, medical-grade needles, housed in a tip that ensures skin will not suffer from micro scratching. The device causes minimal trauma to the surface of the skin, whilst creating the necessary microscopic punctures for the treatment to work. At SkinCAN there are three levels of treatment for CIT.

A local anaesthetic cream is applied to ensure there is no discomfort during the treatment.

The team at SkinCAN will advise on the number of treatments required and the level required on a client-by-client basis, however normally treatments are advised as a course of six, scheduled at four to 12 week intervals. This treatment can be performed on the face as well as the body.




SkinCAN offers a number of single express treatments in our Facial Bar which all last under one hour. Find a number of well known treatments within our offering, all with the added SkinCAN difference.



SkinCAN offers a number of individual treatments from our Treatment Room. These treatments last over an hour. Discover the SkinCAN difference.

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The team at SkinCAN meet each client for a one-on-one consultation and trial treatment (worth £75) to access the skin needs. A SkinCAN Consultation costs £50, redeemable against any treatment programme booked, or products purchased.



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