A new and highly innovative anti-ageing treatment technique which consists of traditional and up to date facial treatments, cosmeceutical daily home care and a non-invasive, uniquely conditioned micro-current technique, all devised by celebrity facialist, Jo-Anne Newman. SkinCAN breaks the mould.

Jo-Anne’s SkinCAN techniques guarantee to reverse the signs of ageing at a cellular level, without the need for invasive surgical or cosmetic non-surgical procedures such as neurotransmitter or filler injections. Using her SkinCAN technique, Jo-Anne assesses each client on an individual basis and combines multiple protocols to design and prescribe bespoke treatment schedules to treat specific skin conditions and concerns.

SkinCAN treats the cause and effects of ageing skin. Treating your skin for its specific requirements removes the need or want to mask the effects of ageing. SkinCAN slows down the ageing processes at a time when it is naturally speeding up, healing your skin’s cells from within. The result; a progressively healthy glowing and younger looking face.

As a SkinCAN client, each treatment you receive is wholly designed to effectively treat and heal your unique skin type and condition, without altering your natural look, meaning you will receive a bespoke treatment every time you step through the door. The methods used within a treatment will be specifically recommended for your skin to improve its quality and appearance, and reduce the signs of one or a combination of ageing, acne, acne scaring, rosacea and pigmentation. As your skin improves, our treatments evolve in line with your skin’s changing needs.

Using a number of methods, including a medical grade micro-current used exclusively at the SkinCAN Clinic, with a technique devised by Jo-Anne herself, Jo-Anne achieves incredible results for her clients. SkinCAN optimises the benefit of all other methods used in a treatment, ensuring unsurpassed results are achieved time and time again for each SkinCAN client.

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How SkinCAN Started

SkinCAN was devised and created by Jo-Anne Newman, a specialist in her field, a celebrity facialist and known in the TV world for her skin preparation treatments, but who is Jo-Anne?

A Level 5 therapist, Jo-Anne has been treating skin for over 18 years. An Aesthetician, who gained her level 3 CIBTAC Cosmetology qualification in 1997, Jo-Anne furthered her knowledge and expertise with continual training, and built her career working within the TV industry. Jo-Anne’s has a strong reputation within the industry and after years of utilising various treatments and products she wanted to create her own specific tools, products and techniques, with the overall goal of being able to improve anyone’s skin.

Dehydrated skin became a concern for production teams with the introduction of HD cameras. The High Definition video would pick up fine lines and skin imperfections, which were hard to hide. Jo-Anne had been, for some time in her career, sourcing and testing various devices and products that would improve the appearance of the skin and it was whilst she was working with the team on Dancing on Ice in 2011, Make Up Director, Rene Metcalfe set her a task. Jo-Anne was asked to make sure that all performers on the show could instantly attain hydrated and smooth skin through one of her treatments. Jo-Anne had to work quickly, producing skin solutions that gave the best benefits to the individual, and attain results that would show in an instant.

Jo-Anne says, “I began to develop my own unique approach, layering individual treatments to complement specific skin types and in turn, maximise results. Results that proved far superior than expected!”

Being able to test out various methods and treatments, as well as develop a new micro-current technique that gave results across various skin types, offered Jo-Anne the perfect platform to develop her programmes and create SkinCAN.

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